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Proximal remote sensing is being used across a very wide range of research fields and by scientists, who are often without deep theoretical knowledge optical physics; the author of this article falls squarely in that category! This article highlights two optical phenomena, which may greatly influence the quality and robustness of proximal remote sensing: Scattering implies that reflectance signals acquired from one point or object are influenced by scattered radiometric energy from neighboring points or objects. Based on a series of laboratory experiments, penetration and scattering were discussed in the context of "robustness" repeatability of hyperspectral reflectance data. High robustness implies that it is possible to control imaging conditions and therefore: It was demonstrated that robustness of hyperspectral reflectance data 40 spectral bands from to nm were significantly influenced by penetration and scattering of radiometric energy. In addition, it was demonstrated that the influence of penetration and scattering varied across the examined spectrum.
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Two comments must be made here: I. If the penetrating object breaks, the broken- off piece can remain deep in the orbit and cranium, and thus no protrusion from. Predicted depths of penetration, based upon the kinetic energy of the object on of penetration of free-falling objects into deep-sea sediments and developed a.
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    Ground-penetrating radar GPR is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface.

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